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  • We carry an extensive music library of over 150,000 tracks which enables us to accommodate you with a variety of music  for you and your guests to Dance and listen to. 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s, Dance, Pop, RnB, Rap, Soul, Rock and Roll, Country, Floorfillers, Clubland Classics, House, Rock, Rave,Old Skool, Happy Hardcore, Hardcore, Bounce/Donk/Scouse,  Makina, Classic anthems, Electro Dance, Club Remixes, Mashups, And More.

  • Given enough notice, We will get any tracks that we do not already have, assume they're currently available in UK and US.

  • We have PLI (Public Liability Insurance) which is a requirement for me to be allowed to perform in most hotels and wedding venues. It also means I am covered for injury to guests or damage to the venue, which would otherwise fall on your shoulders.and your guests.

  • We provide excellent service to put your mind at rest and give reassurance that your event is in safe hands.

  • We are P.A.T Certified (Portable Appliance Testing) Which means all my DJ equipment Regularly checked and safe to use at any Venue where we go to.

  • We arrive at your venue 2-3 hours early to setup ”At no cost” just in case there's any unforeseen delays and ensure I’m in plenty of time so as not to disrupt your evening.

  • I accept play lists beforehand to ensure that the music I play is what you and your guests want to dance and listen to.


We’ll guarantee to or play

  • At the volume that you want

  • Treat you with respect

  • Deliver our best service

  • Give you our very best

  • Play your requests

  • Show up on time

  • Give you a fair price around your budget

  • To provide proper, fair and reasonable service to you and to our customers.

We guarantee that we don’t

  • Have a messy setup rig with trip hazards that could harm our guests at a venue

  • Complain to you or your guests

Why clients ask us why mobile discos are so expensive?

If you just want someone to come and play a few tunes off a laptop through some crappy speakers and bad lighting , pay £50 and hire someone who will do that.

If you want someone who

  1. Knows what they are doing. A good DJ will have a good ear when choosing the music and order, be able to read the crowd, and give them what they want. It's honestly an art.

  2. Has all the proper equipment (not cheap, our rig is over 5k worth of equipment, the lights alone retail at £280 each)

  3. Has PAT tested their equipment so it's safe.

  4. Is insured incase something falls on a guest, or someone damages their equipment - accidents happen (Our PLI Certificate)

This is why we quote, what we quote. £120 or more might seem steep, but consider this. DJ starts at 7, plays till 12/1. That's 5 hours right? What about set up time and tear down, that another on either side. 2 hours. Then travel time, let's say another hour to venue and back, 9 hours.  Time spent loading and unloading van/equipment, let's say 10 hours total spent on your event. By the time you take away expenses, equipment cost divided by number of gigs per year, fuel, running costs, relevant insurance.

DJ Professionals have rent, bills, all their own stuff to pay for as well, so please consider this when we quote you.